About us

Cornelius supplies the world's leading beverage brand owners and major retailers with solutions that combine beverage merchandising and dispensing within a complete package. We grow with our customers - helping them to maximise the success of their operations as they expand into new areas and markets.


Our deep-rooted partnerships with key customers is critical - as is our understanding of their need for innovative, cutting-edge solutions that guarantee their brand promise. An unrivalled global support network enables us to roll out major programmes on their behalf in markets across the world, enabling our customers to meet the changing demands of theirs.

Cornelius is the market-leader in delivering still and carbonated beverage dispensing solutions and associated point of purchase displays. Our reputation for excellent technical innovation in this area has been reinforced by the success of new products for non-carbonated beverages and designs.

3Wire, our US-based on-line parts business, is setting new industry standards for intelligent inventory management and after-sales support. Innovative state-of-the-art technology tracks and maintains inventory to provide customers with the prompt and efficient service that enables them to maximize service to their consumers.

80 years of knowledge & Expertise

Network of more than 2,250 employees

Outstanding service and customer care

As our customers expand, particularly in fast-growing Asian markets, our unique blend of technical expertise and market awareness enables us to deliver tailored solutions specifically designed to meet their needs and ambitions.

All of our products are totally reliable and present the highest quality standard. The manufacturing of quality products at the highest level is supported by a large service network of more than 2,250 employees. Through this infrastructure, which extends over 30 countries and 5 continents, Cornelius achieves outstanding service and customer care.



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